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Oct 19


nc-17 more like ncc-1701 who’s with me

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Ethical consumption on its own necessarily devolves into an ego game over who can consume more ethically and if acting smug towards people who cant afford to consume ethically is your main Praxis then im sorry but you’re not radical and you’re buying into the system youre trying to avoid

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Oct 18


imo the thing about certain diseases or disorders predominantely affecting one gender or the other is the criteria here isn’t someone’s essential “male” or “female” body. did you get exposed to a lot of testosterone in the womb? grats yr at risk for certain things. do you have working ovaries? do you have hypertrophic Skene’s glands (aka a prostate)? do you have a substantial amount of breast tissue? what’s the ratio of testosterone:estrogen in yr body? what’s the absolute amount of estrogen in yr body?

all of these things are risk factors for all sorts of different things, and if you want to break people down into risk categories, there are actual factual predictors for that kind of thing. and they’re not “is male” or “is female”, b/c those are incoherent categories

like make no mistake: “male” and “female” are easy categories, but they’re not really “medically accurate” wrt risk, they just happen to correlate roughly well for most people. and when i say “most people” i don’t even mean “non-intersex cis people”, i mean “people with a statistically average hormone load & sexual differentiation profile”.

kind of like how estimating yr height and weight from a statistical profile of people in yr country only works if you are, in fact, roughly close to being of average height and weight.

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I want to be cute and pretty. I’ve tried for years to argue myself out of it using all the anti-kyriarchal arguments I could find. The desire nonetheless remains.

star trek


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I need to remember to check links before reblogging. Sometimes people reblog popular posts that are legitimate and replace the links with screamers.

Whoa, I never even thought of this. I’ll be careful from now on, too.


I miss working.

I mean, I’m no fan of capitalism. But being able to earn money was nice, as was being able to get out of the house and do stuff. I miss that.

I miss working.


Friendly reminder that a trans woman has never been reported to have attacked anyone in a women’s restroom. Also reminder that trans women get attacked for something as trivial as using the women’s restroom.

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Oct 17

disabled intersex survivor trans babe needs a hand up -


quick recap on my situation. In the past year since my last mental health crisis that put me in the hospital for 40k of bills that did not address any of my issues, i have been denied disability, medical and housing assistance, all social services and affordable care act insurance. Primarily…


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