trans girls are beautiful and perfect and deserve every ounce of love and respect

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the fact that there have been no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

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I wanna just, like, hang out with a bunch of ladies and do femmey things, like nail-painting and outfit-shopping and doing each other’s hair.

I’m not trying to romanticize femme-ness here; I just really really love it so much.



shout out to my 400+lb ladies who get almost no recognition ever in even body positive and fatshion spaces

you’re amazing, you’re wonderful, you matter

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ok so I know “qtpoc” means “queer/trans person of color” but I keep reading r as “cutie person of color”

Those are generally synonyms.


I take comfort in this:


That no matter how broke I get, how stressed or spoonless I get, how much opposition I get, how depressed I get, or how hard the future may seem, the fact remains that I have boobs.


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jhameia replied to your post: Missed church again. Because brain. :(…

You ARE functional. Just not according to what society thinks you OUGHT to be. But you are STILL functional and you are doing your best which makes you even MORE functional than everyone else just coasting by *HUGS*

*hugs* Thank you <3

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Hi friends, I find myself in a bit of a financial bind. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Dorian. I’m 24ish, live in Ontario, and am currently on disability support. It does not give me a lot of money! And this month I have had to take a couple of unanticipated trips to visit family members, trips for which I’ve had to borrow money. 

Today I got my monthly deposit for the month of september. After paying my rent and bills, repaying loans, and buying a bus ticket home from Toronto (where I am currently staying with a friend), I will have about a hundred dollars in the bank. I need that to last until September 30th, which is basically impossible.

I know I’m not the only poor/broke queer on this site. I know there are other people who need money more than me. But if you can spare anything I’d appreciate it. My paypal is dorianisms at gmail dot com. I can’t give anything material to people who donate, but I appreciate each and every one of you (including people who’ve helped me out in the past but can’t now, or people who reblog these posts) more than I can possibly say

Help Dorian out!!

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Obviously not all trans men are arseholes and not all trans women are angels but power dynamics are power dynamics and it’s up to trans men and cafab queers to not abuse the power they have over trans women, and it’s up to everyone to not punish trans women for pointing at those abuses.

This ought not be a controversial statement? It seems like it wouldn’t be if I removed the word “trans” from that paragraph.

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I mean, I was so happy about being functional last week, and now it’s like, ugh, slipping again :(