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my brain also keeps circling around to the idea that this is one of the reasons understanding transmisogyny as a key facet of patriarchy is super fucking important but i’m unable to articulate why it’s doing that

is it that even though trans women are not classed as women by oppressors, they do get classed as non-men (or not-real-men) & that in and of itself is a major source of violence towards them

Yep, that’s a big part of it.

When TERFs accuse us of being men, they don’t really treat us like men at all. They don’t challenge, confront, subvert (what would that even mean) or isolate themselves from us. Instead they dismiss, mock, degrade, talk over, harass, assault, discredit, and otherwise harm us. They get organized about doing so and wind up putting themselves in positions of public influence which they specifically use to further our oppression and mistreatment. They act out patterns that closely resemble more general forms of virulent misogyny.

Women treating women the way men treat women, without even allowing us simple recognition as such. They only call us men to delegitimize and hurt us.

Exactly. There is no way they do not know exactly what they’re doing.

Same with fundies (and transmisogynists/patriarchs in general): even when they’re insisting repeatedly to your face that you’re a man, they never treat you like a man.

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Hi, all. Though I am working on coping with my MDD, I am still not functional/abled enough to make enough money to cover my rent, my bills, my meds and my debts. Please help by donating or signal-boosting if you can. Thank you.

Please? I need to eat and pay rent and such.

"There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature."

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why is there even this whole idea that if you “just hand people things” all creativity will cease because nobody will have any motivation to work hard

everybody I’ve ever met has something they would do passionately and well if money wasn’t an issue

the need for money is the bane of creativity

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Negative balance fees are so awful and ridiculous. “Oh, so you don’t have money? Well, then we’re gonna charge you even more money you don’t have to punish you for not having money.”


Reblog if you’re pro-choice! :)

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i just saw a woman pull food stamps out of her louis vuitton purse to pay for her groceries

but that’s none of my business

It was probably a fake.
Or an inheritance. Or a gift. I have a coach purse my auntie gave me but that means she’s the one with money, not me.

Or how about this: say she’s on food stamps and Medicaid. You have to keep a minimum amount in your bank account to keep qualifying for your health care (oh, and you’re also disabled, so that health care is important.) maybe she decided a designer purse would make a nice investment.

Maybe she bought herself a nice purse and then she lost her job and while she ‘s looking for a new one she, you know, kept carrying her purse to feel professional and look good at job interviews.

You don’t know her. You don’t know her story.

I’m sure the American public would rather have people in impoverished situations all get matching jumpsuits, a big red P embroidered on the back, and everyone would have to carry their keys and wallets and Chapstick in those thin throwaway plastic sacks you get buying your groceries in the dollar store. That way these people could be even MORE easily identified and discriminated against.

And remember, we’re living in an economy where a recently built WalMart had a higher rejection rate of applicants than Harvard University. That’s right. It’s easier to get admitted to Harvard than get a job at a brand new WalMart.

Judge not lest ye be judged.
And don’t be an asshole.

Um…food stamps, as an actual, physical bunch of stamps, don’t exist anymore.  It’s now EBT, which looks just like a debit card, unless you’re close enough to read it, or unless you’re familiar enough with them to recognize them from a distance.  According to Wikipedia, physical food stamps were phased out in the US in 2004. (And it’s not called the food stamp program anymore, either.)

Now, maybe you really did see this just happen, because maybe you’re not in the US, or maybe they were actually WIC vouchers, or maybe you’re a time traveller, in which case all of the previous comment applies.

All of this. God all of it is true. Not to mention that yes, thank you. I love (read: hate) how the people who so often complain loudest about food stamps don’t realize they aren’t even stamps anymore. Gee, I can see how informed they are on the situation if they’re repeating a meme from the Reagan administration. Just with a different object that people needing assistance don’t get to have. 

And yeah, OP, it ISN’T your business at all. I don’t care how many goddamn taxes you think you pay, it’s not your business. 

You need to think about the fact that you’d only make that post if you were working under the theory that there are some circumstances where people don’t deserve to buy food. You are saying that in this circumstance, a person who obviously needed EBT and/or WIC, which ever it was, shouldn’t get to buy food BECAUSE THEIR PURSE WAS TOO NICE FOR YOUR LIKING. A purse disqualifies them from getting help getting food. 

Really, OP? That’s where you’re at? That a goddamn accessory means a person shouldn’t get help to get BASIC SUSTENANCE? 

Not enough fuck you in the world.

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You can totally find posts that are critical of 50 Shades of Grey that aren’t also written by TERFs.

Really. You can.

So uhh. Maybe reblog those instead?